Yah! huh! Yah! huh!..That’s what you here when we fight in karate. I was once a Tinagan Student taking karate classes last year.

At firts, I don’t have any plans on taking karate classes my whole life. My father really insited me joining Tinagan that summer. My plan is working at the Audio Visual Center in our school the whole summer. It’s actually sort of summer job like work. But he wanted me to join that year so I could protect myself, boost my self confidence and most importantly LOOSE SOME WEIGHT. Yeah I’m kinda big, I don’t really excercise much. I have no choice, he really wants me to join.He enrolled along with me as soon as “HE” can.

As the training continues, I kinda lost some weight, just a bit,at least? I gained more friends and bond with them with such a short while. Some of them were connected with my friends, some are fresh! hahaha. I learned to love karate every single day I practice. I enjoyed,yeah! But the pressure is really torturing me! I hate exams, I hate being the biggest in the group, I hate being laughed at because I still can’t defend myself. What can I do? I was a begginer?? I never expected this feeling that I will miss hurting myself and hurting someone else. The happiest time I’ve experienced is that we won in a competition were you have to act and fight at the same time on how to fight using karate. Our story was not that good but we still won. It was my first time acting and fighting at the same time (it was scripted anyways) in front of so many people who are shopping at Robinson’s Place Iloilo, What a Fun mall! After all the fight and acting and memorizing some “kata”, Belting came. I was so excited that at last, I will be a YELLOW BELTER. After all the pain and hardwork, it really pays a lot. It was never easy to anyone or everyone including me on getting a yellow belt or any belts. You really have to work hard. I never knew that we made such good friends and still hangin’ out  until now.

My Classmates at Tinagan School of Martial Arts Summer 2008

My Classmates at Tinagan School of Martial Arts Summer 2008

My Classmates at Tinagan School of Martial Arts Summer 2008

My Classmates at Tinagan School of Martial Arts Summer 2008

After summer, some of my old classmates continued in Tinagan. And once again we enjoyed a lot, and got a GREEN BELT! Balancing my time at school and time in karate was difficult. If I only knew that my schedule will get so complicated. I never should’ve continued. But I still did. After getting a Green Belt. I was so happy! Because my belt is my favorite color. My other classmates stayed, some of us took some rest.

After 3 months without karate. I feel different, not as energetic as I’am before. I feel so weak that my body is looking for  pain again and again. That’s crazy! Summer starts again. I didn’t take the class again for  school purposes. If only I knew that our plans won’t work out fine. I should’ve taken the class.

I was at school all day. Just having fun with my folks. Afternoon came and they are planning to buy something at Robinson’s Place, so I hitched with some friend. I was so surprised that they are having their promotion for this Summer, again. I was very ecited on seeing them once again so I watched their fights. It really entertains me for the reason  “I’ve been their once, It was painful.” Wow, I really missed hurting myself. That made me feel so SAD. Hope I can go back there again.  Phew! that’s all guys. Catch yah later! I need to eat! It made me hungry.


~ by fudge on May 29, 2009.

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